Classic first-look photos

Remember when I said you should see Martin’s ugly crying face? Well, it’s not really ugly. The guy manages to look good even when he’s crying!


Our photographer put together the “first look,” and we couldn’t have done it any better on our own. The first look is a new trend where couples see each other for the first time before the ceremony. A trend that breaks the old tradition of bad luck if the groom sees the bride before walking down the aisle.

I wasn’t going to walk down any aisle, so a first look was still a great idea for our elopement .

We chose to have a first look because it gave us the opportunity to be with one another before standing in front of our officiant. It also allowed us time to take more photos, and of course to get those classic first-look pictures of me sneaking up behind my groom, while he stood anxiously, with a smile of sheer anticipation.

Let me tell you that my hair was in an excellent condition until I decided to change my pins to the opposite side. *Rolls eyes* My hairstylist gave me a very nice look, but for some reason (anxiety?) I chose to play with it. It was windy, as you’ll see, so my hair may or may not look like a mess.

Here’s Martin turning around to see me in my dress for the first time!

Our first look was magical, filled with so many raw and organic emotions. We just couldn’t help ourselves and cried-laughed the entire time!

Get yourself some Kleenex before you start looking through these…& enjoy!

Click any image to enlarge 

Our videographer Josh taking footage us walking back to our truck before heading out to JT.

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