See behind-the-scenes snapshots before we said “I do”

We expected our vendors to arrive at 2pm, but as I previously mentioned in another post, we were not ready! I think we overslept a little, and in between getting some ice for my flowers and some lunch, time flew by! Before we knew it we were scrambling for our “getting ready” outfits.

I know, right? You’d think we’d have everything ready, but we were so in the moment that we almost forgot where we put our clothes!

without a care in the world and wearing Martin’s basketball shorts (no, I am not pregnant!)

Martin took a quick shower while I was (probably) going around in circles under the chandelier in the living room. By the time I jumped in the shower, it was already 1:45pm. I showered as quickly as possible so I could just sit on the couch to wait for their arrival.

This is how I pictured I would be waiting for our photographer…

Little did I time myself. As soon as I came out of the bathroom, I saw the first vehicle pulling in and said “oh shit, someone is here!” I ran to the bedroom to put on my robe and within seconds I heard Martin say, “They’re all here babe!” I literally jumped and screamed “Omg! Hurry! Go open the door.” Martin had no idea if he had to have his outfit on by the time they got there, or if he was okay greeting them in his underwear.

This is Martin’s “I’m ready for this!” look

He opened the door for them while I finished putting on my robe…and the first pair of sandals I saw in front of me. See, I had my “getting ready” sandals, but completely forgot about them and just put on Rainbows. I didn’t even remember I had special sandals to get ready in until the next day!

My hair was still wet from the shower, but my hair stylist was kind of enough to help me blow dry it. I sat down in the makeup chair, asked Martin to hand me a glass of champagne, and then just kept my cool. I was so excited, but so nervous at the same time!

Martin was in his own little world in the patio. I thought the photographer and videographer forgot about me for a second, but they were outside taking Martin’s solo portraits while he enjoyed a glass (or two?) of Nicaraguan Flor de Caña

The hours leading up to our wedding ceremony were a crucial part of the storytelling process. Here are some of our favorite “getting ready” images along with some great shots of The Home Sweet Homesteader we stayed in. Enjoy!

Click on any image to enlarge

Getting Ready Location: The Home Sweet Homesteader | Ceremony Location: Hidden Valley at Joshua Tree National Park | Photography: Alexandria Monette | Videography: Josh Arroyo from Arroyo Films | Officiant: The Vow Keeper | Florals: Flower Allie | Hair & Makeup: Tanya Amason | Wedding Dress: The Jetset Diaries | Personalized Dress Hanger: Elegant Bridal Hangers |Bride’s Shoes: Sam Edelman | Bride’s Robe: Nordstrom | Groom’s Shirt: Express | Groom’s Pants: Macy’s | Groom’s Shoes: Florsheim | Groom’s Socks: The Personal Wedding Co | Bride’s Perfume: La Vie Est Belle by  Lancôme | Groom’s Cologne: Sauvage by Dior  | Bride’s Accessories: earrings & gold ring gifted by her mother, hair pins by YoYoMonica | Groom’s Accessories: rosary gifted by his nana, necklaces from Aldo | Vows Books: Drawzilla |

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