Our Wedding Day

We exchanged vows and said “I do” under the California desert sun on Sunday, July 2, 2017. This date marks our five year anniversary as a couple, and has officially been marked as our wedding date.

Isn’t our officiant the cutest? She sure knows how to work the camera!
Since we really want to share a glimpse of our wedding day, we hope that our photos, and this blog, can give you enough insight on what a wonderful day it was for us!


We packed our things on Saturday morning, picked up my bouquet at Flower Allie, and headed to Joshua Tree.

We arrived at The Home Sweet Homesteader , a 450 sq ft cabin that sits in five acres of pristine Mojave desert surrounded by Joshua trees. We couldn’t have booked a better Airbnb! The scenery was beautiful, the home was cozy, and it had absolutely everything we needed for our stay, and more! It totally exceeded our expectations.

This home was a hidden gem in the desert! Photo Credit: Adeyling
After we unpacked at night, we sat outside in the front porch of the house to watch the stars and drink a couple of Michelob Ultras (for the low calories, you know!). Joshua Tree is a great place to stargaze near home, if you ask us!

The heat wave leading up to our wedding day was causing temperatures to soar up to 115 degrees in the desert, but that weekend was just perfect! The weather cooperated so nicely with us, you have no idea how much better it made our day.

We said a quick prayer before bed, and thanked God for all of the blessings he has continuously showered us with. Even though we did not get married in front of God at a church, we know that he is fully aware of our commitment and will watch over our marriage, as he has always watched over our relationship all these years.


It was almost surreal that the day had so quickly arrived, but we were so excited. We had our usual breakfast: egg whites and oatmeal, placed all our our details aside for our photographer, and then we went to a nearby liquor store to get some ice for my bouquet.

My bouquet needed ice because it needed to remain stored in a cooler with ice in order to stay intact. My bouquet was a dream! My florist did an amazing job and really turned my vision into a reality.


We had a Ceasar salad for lunch, and then patiently waited for our vendors to arrive.

If we are being honest though, we thought we had all the time in the world and only showered a few minutes before they arrived. In fact, as soon as we were done showering, we saw a few vehicles pulling in and completely freaked out! We were expecting them, but when they all pulled in to the house at the same time it hit us that we were really doing this, getting married!

While I got my hair and makeup done by Tanya Amason, Martin took his solo portraits outside the house. Although he took a peek at me as he handed me a glass of champagne, he remained outside until it was time for our “first look” (a time to see each other before the ceremony, and to soak it all in!)



Our first look took place across the road from our Airbnb home. Martin waited for me to tap him on the shoulder before turning around to see me in my beautiful embroidered, white dress. I didn’t really tap his shoulder though. I pretty much rubbed his back (a sign of nervousness). This photo proves just that!

It may look like Adeyling is ready to push Martin, but she’s really just “tapping” him
Before we knew it, we were both in tears! Tears of joy, of course.

It truly was a mixture of laughter and crying. Here’s an ugly crying photo of me…

You should see Martin’s ugly crying face too!

After the first look, we all headed out to Joshua Tree National Park where our ceremony was to take place. Out of all the amazing settings to choose from at the park, we chose to have our ceremony at the Hidden Valley Picnic Area. This is where we met Charlotte, our officiant from The Vow Keeper. She was wonderful. Best officiant ever.

We had a short and sweet ceremony. It probably lasted a good 15 minutes. We said a prayer, exchanged vows and said a few personal words to each other. We then exchanged rings, and of course said… “I do.” Wooo hoo!!!! (cue the tears)

Charlotte read 1 corinthian 13: 4-7 before pronouncing us married, and we sealed the ceremony with aBIG kiss.

Is this real life? We are now husband and wife!!!!

After our ceremony we proceeded to take photos around the area and danced in the middle of the desert. To see all the images from the day, click here.

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